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Appliance & Maintenance Checklist

Run the dishwasher with vinegar to remove residue and check for leaks. Clean filter and lubricate or replace seals. Check the dishwasher rack for any scratches or places where the coating may be missing and replace. Applying a sealant to a dish washer rack may not hold. The sealant would end up in an orifice or pump. Itís better to leave alone or replace rack than replace the machine.

Run a full cycle on the washer with vinegar to remove residue and check hoses for leaks.

Remove lint and other debris from the close dryer filter and vents.

Add baking soda to garbage disposal loosen caked on food particles.

Clean the stove burners with a degreaser and test ensure a free passageway of the gas. For prevent fires and reduce use the same degreaser to clean the hood, oven and surface area to reduce. Don't forget to clean other vents and windows.

Vacuum the refrigeration condenser coils and grills and brush off other grime and build-up. Usually just vacuuming the coils is sufficient. If vacuuming is not enough, remove the appliance from the house and apply coil cleaner. Make sure that you cover electrical connections and hose down your work area after youíre finished.

Thoroughly clean freezer/refrigerator inside and out. Don't forget to clean the drip pan. Seals and gaskets must be cleaned thoroughly as well. (Replaced if necessary). Poorly sealing door gaskets cause the compressors to overwork and burn up. Should be cleaned but not lubricated.


Attempting to repair appliances without proper training and safety standards is dangerous. Appliances should only be repaired by skilled professionals who have the knowledge and experience to safely bring them out of disrepair. Repairs performed by unqualified people risk serious injury or even death. A relatively all outlet can easily carry the current needed to kill a person. Avoid unnecessary costs - Schedule preventative maintenance today!